Our truck is a RAM1500 2020.




















This is a photo of it brand new while it was still on the lot. The tires and wheels were the first thing to get replaced.  It also needed a slight lift.  (We've also added airbags to the rear to help carry the weight better.)



We decided that it was time for us to start going camping again. But, we wanted to go overland-style rather than the traditional tent, because that's easier for us to set up and move around with. And, there you have it. From there, we were able to choose the right vehicle and start getting it set up. We had to make a few modifications to the truck after the fact, since we hadn't thought about all the needs yet which we ended up wanting. But, that wasn't too bad. And now we're all set!


Check out the "Automotive" and "Overlanding"categories in our Recommended Products listing for links to all the things, as well as more photos.


 There weren't a lot of options for racks for the brand new 2020 model. We went with this Nutzo – Tech 2 Series Expedition Truck Bed Rack because its quality seemed to be far superior to the rest. After having gotten to use it, we sttill feel the same!


We drove up and had Nuthouse Industries install it. They're awesome! We highly recommend you consider them for your needs, as well.

The next thing was this rooftop tent to go on on top of the rack on the truck. It's a Roofnest Condor XL. It's very comfortable, and so fast and easy to set up.

It's a great overlanding/boondocking setup.  We travelled for a week and a half across the country in it, and were very comfortable. We also have a shower/camp toilet tent for when we're setup for longer than just overnight.

To complete the base setup, we got this Peregrine awning <--more pictures in the link. As you can see, it offers a large shaded area to sit under. We love it.