Our 2020 Black Series is an HQ19.



















They're out of Austraila, so they're built to last. Check out their specifications at their website, Black Series



We've added one more thing to our setup so that we may travel in more comfort. This puts less work on Drew and allows us to spend more time enjoying the important things in life - all those moments in between! After doing a lot of research on what we wanted and what our vehicle could properly support, we decided that most campers/trailers/RVs were not built to be durable. Drew found the Black Series and after actually being lucky enough to find a used one for sale, we headed back over to the other side of the country to pick it up! 

I've been collecting resources and links for RV going, now that this brings about a whole new set of needs, naturally.


  • RVParky is a great place to find somewhere to park overnight. There's also an app for that.
  • RV Dump Sites is pretty self explanatory, and incredibly helpful, map.
  • And if you just want to ask questions from other RV goers, don't forget about Facebook groups. A friend added me to one called RV Bunch and I've already learned a lot of helpful tips. Folks seem to enjoy chatting/sharing with others who enjoy the same interests, and RV'ing is no different here.

All of the interior doors and drawers have a special closure that keeps them from flying open while travelling. One of the things we like best about the kitchen is that it comes with an oven. You normally have to get a longer trailer for those. I also love that beside the oven is a built-in spice rack! One of Drew's favorite features is this amazing outdoor kitchen, though. Who needs to cook inside, when you have this kind of prep space!

The bathroom features an actual porcelain toilet, and an actual shower door (not a flimsy curtain). It's tall enough for our 6-foot man to stand up in fully and comfortably. To the left of the toilet, what you see in the photo there is actually even a small built in washing machine! It's great to be self sufficient while on the road! It's a small capacity, but you can certainly wash some socks, underwear, and shirts and hang them up inside to dry without having to depend on a laundromat while you're out.